Advice for renters

Before Booking:

  1. Price Transparency: Ensure all costs are included without hidden extras.
  2. Understanding Conditions: Check if taxes, insurances, and excess amounts are included. Review the ‘Terms & Price Details’ for clarity.
  3. Flexible Opening Hours: Most destinations offer 24/7 collection and return options. Some locations also provide hotel delivery/collection.
  4. Choosing the Right Vehicle: Consider passenger count and luggage size when selecting a car.
  5. Additional Services: Explore extra services/equipment options and include them in your booking if needed.
  6. Child Seats and Roof Racks: Ensure compliance with local regulations and consider alternatives to roof racks for convenience and security.

Before Departure:

  1. Know Local Traffic Laws: Request information from the embassy or consulate of your destination country.
  2. Check Driver’s License: Ensure validity and if an International Driver’s License is required.
  3. Essential Items: Don’t forget your credit card, car rental voucher, and plan your first day’s driving route.
  4. Communication Abroad: Verify mobile phone compatibility and international calling options.

At Time of Delivery:

  1. Inspect the Car: Note any damages, locate spare tire/tools, and keep a copy of the contract.
  2. Payment and Return Details: Arrange local currency for tolls, confirm return instructions, and fuel type.
  3. Accident/Damage Procedures: Understand protocol in case of accidents or damage.

Driving Tips:

  1. Route Planning: Plan your journey in advance and include regular breaks.
  2. Driver Information: Ensure all drivers are authorized and have valid licenses.
  3. Scheduled Stops: Break up long journeys, especially with children, with planned stops.
  4. Traveling with Children: Consider entertainment options and prepare for potential car sickness.

In Case of Accident:

  1. Stay Calm: Maintain composure and prioritize safety.
  2. Emergency Response: Attend to injuries, call emergency services, and inform car rental company and police.
  3. Documentation: Gather relevant information and contact car rental company or road assistance.

Closing Note: The Z&G Rentals team wishes you a safe and enjoyable journey!

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